Therapy Dog Volunteers

Mission Hospice is proud to offer our nursing facility patients specialized visits from our four-legged volunteers.

In addition to providing unconditional love, certified therapy dogs have a beneficial influence on the emotional, physical and spiritual condition of our patients.

Studies have shown that interaction with trained and proficiently-handled dogs can:

– Lower blood pressure
– Promote relaxation
– Relieve agitation, anxiety and stress
– Improve communication between patients and families
– Reduce the need for medication in some cases


The safety of not only our patients but also our K-9 and human volunteers is of absolute importance to us. Due to the sensitive condition of our patients and the often busy nature of the nursing facility we require our volunteers (of all sizes) to complete hospice specific training.

Dogs must have a current certification through either…

Therapy Dogs International
Delta Society

Handlers must complete the volunteer training program.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (626) 799 – 2727 to schedule a meeting.