TB Test

These are our state mandated TB test requirements for volunteers effective January 1, 2014:
  • If you are a new volunteer and HAVE had a TB test in the last 6 months from a job etc. and can give us a copy of the paperwork, you will only need 1 TB test with Mission Hospice.
  • If you are a new volunteer and have NOT had a TB test in the last year, you will need to do TWO tests (one week apart).
  • If you are an existing patient visit volunteer you only need to do ONE test per year.
  • Positive TB tests require a chest x-ray (which we will arrange for you) unless you have proof of a chest x-ray within the past 3 years.
  • Only 1 TB test is required for office volunteers.
All TB tests are performed by a Mission Hospice LVN and read by an RN here at our office. Please contact us in advance to schedule.
Tests are available 8am – 5pm / Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and are read within 72 hours of being administered.